Off-Road Fun or Inflatable Circuit for Segways

The tip you need to know about Segways is – DON’T FIGHT IT! – The first time you try these self-balancing scooters you will think expect it to fall over. Against every instinct, the Segway balances you. Once you get used to that, it’s plain sailing.

Using you body weight to control the Segway becomes second nature. Leaning the way you want to go controls the momentum whilst the handles allow left/right movement in small increments. Take it easy, and once our trained staff put you through your paces, you’ll be ready to explore the course set out for you.

Housed in a huge inflatable barrier or predetermined course at your event; we will set out a course within the space furnished with barriers; road signs and hurdles to go through; ensuring you enjoy the full experience as much as possible.

For the more accomplished, Off Road versions can be used for cross terrain adventures. Equipped with chunky tires and a rugged facia; the Off Road Segways are always a hit when you have large portions of land to venture into. Furthermore our Segways are supplied with helmets for all head sizes, trained staff, full instruction, extra vehicles in case of breakdown as well as a safety clip that cuts the power should you dismount unexpectedly.

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