A Murder Mystery Night for private events

A Murder Mystery Night is a popular option for private events. Nothing like creating an atmosphere! As your guests relax prior to their evening meal, the actors with preform various scenes depicting the tragic incident that occurred and what happened next.

As you and your guests mingle, you must each interrogate each of the suspects in turn. The accused, if you trust them, will sit with you, drink with you, laugh with you, and reveal all through the course of your event, moving between the guests until you have interrogated each suspect in turn.

Once the questions are exhausted you must make your accusations. A murder mystery night just would not be the same without accusations!!. You know who did it, you even know why they did it, and you’re having a damn good guess as to how they did it. Have you come to a conclusion and ready to point the figure? Will you be right?

There’s been a murder tonight!!

The actors will burst in laughing and shouting which comes as a great surprise to the guests at gets the atmosphere going. To start the actors start with around 20 – 25 minutes of acting, moving around tables. They then head off, leaving the guests to mull over what has just happened and come back as dinner is started to be served. They will join the guests for dinner so all tables require an extra place setting.

The actors will then come back for dinner with the guests. They will eat the same meal as the guests so the guests can then interrogate the actors over dinner.

The murderer is amongst us

While teas and coffees are being served the guests will have a chance to mull over the events. Then the actors come back to act another 20 minute script revealing all the red herrings. This will all happen in the same room as guests are seated for dinner. The murder mystery night starts with guests seated at 7.30pm. It is normally around another 20-25 minutes before dinner is served.

After the dinner, the winner will be announced and guests are then left to finish the evening.

Your costs include

This includes all of the operational staff to facilitate your event including a dedicated event manager.

  • Scripts
  • 3 x Actors
  • Trophy & Spoon
  • Set up, running of the event.

Murder Mystery Evening

Murder Mystery evening for up to 40 guests (please note you must provide the 3 actors a meal as they will dine with your clients during the evening, should your guests choose the option to hold the event during an evening meal)

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Murder Mystery Night - Murder Mystery Evening