Laser Quest Games & Laser Tag

This is a MONSTER of an inflatable. Over 6ft high and a 30ft square footprint split into 9 pod inflatable as well as being pitch black it’s almost as much fun without the laser guns and body armour! Almost, but not quite.

Let’s get your Laser Quest Games & Laser Tag started. Get yourself ready and activate your futuristic laser guns and let the hunt commence. In teams or individually, rack up as many kill points as possible during your timed campaign. With your laser guns aimed true you gain points by hitting various areas of the gun.

Laser Quest Games – An “on gun scoreboard” will keep you in the loop as to who is winning whilst the LEDs on the guns change colour when hit (also know as a laser tag). Too many hits and your gun will not fire as you “recuperate” your health.

Full instructions for our inflatable laser tag will be given by our events staff and we may throw in a couple of hints and tips.

Call: 033 3303 4496

Laser Quest & Tag - LaserQuest Games