Laser Clays with Multiple Gameplay Modes

Skeet shooting in the states or clay pigeon shooting here in Blighty; and all without the noise of a double barrel polluting your ears. We bring you Laser Clay Shooting. Within our armoury; marked with distinctly numbered shooting areas; you will be issued with the latest in laser targeting technology; from here on in called “The Gun”. Switch on, take aim and “PULL!”

Brightly coloured clay pigeons will be thrust into the sky as you take aim with The Gun. A combination of infrared lasers and reflective clay pigeons. Full volume shots fired sound effects and clay smashing, this is safe, fun entertainment for all.

A remote electronic LED style score board will keep you informed of high scores; and multiple game play modes are supported from Rapidfire to Highest Score. Laser clay pigeon shooting as it also know, is a great addition to any event.

Please allow for a large area to cater for this equipment due to the trajectory of the clays on the day. If you require assistance finding a venue, please contact our expert staff.

Call: 033 3303 4496

Laser Clay Shooting - Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting