Archery Games

When you watch any Archery games or competitions; shooting an arrow always looks both impressive and for some reason, easy to do. Our expert staff will delight in showing you how you have been holding a bow incorrectly most of your life and mould you into the next Katniss or Hawkeye.

Using traditional straw Archery Targets with detailed paper bullseyes our event staff will ensure you at least, eventually, hit the target. With bows suitable for adults, children and even left handed, there will be nobody left out.

As an upgrade targets can be specially sourced, (or made), to fit into your theme including Animals, Mythical Beasts and even Zombies! – Fantastic for Halloween. Not only that but 3D targets and bags are also available on request.

As an added safety precaution, we will seal off both the shooting and target area with strict guidelines, fences and attentive staff. To minimise the loss of arrows, a heavy-duty net will surround the target placement area – there will be no William Tell escapades on  our watch.

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Archery Games & Competitions