Air Rifle Target Shooting

From the outset, with our Air Rifle Target Shooting we can 100% confirm that we DO NOT use metal pellets. We supply rubber pellets for ammunition instead. They’re reusable and safer after all. There are a few games that require good aim but the most requested is the simple card shooting games. Try air rifle target shooting to win a prize by scoring a specific number or card with only a limited number of shots.

Better yet, in my opinion, is when we use the Cans. How many can you knock from the stack? Disclaimer – we can prove that all cans are freely movable so when you miss, you only have yourself to blame.

With any Air Rifles events, they can be themed from Halloween to Wild Wild West, yes, even the CANS can have any label you want. Air rifles usually come housed in one of our traditional market/carnival stalls with lighting, music and prizes.

Call: 033 3303 4496

Air Rifles - Air Rifle Target Shooting